Monday, January 24, 2011

New to blogging

So, I am new to this whole blogging thing.  I think that it must be kind of like keeping a journal, which by the way, I am terrible at!  But we shall give it a go.

I am a stay at home mother, with a four year old son.  I enjoy photography and have a small photography business on the side.  I also enjoy gardening, flowers and other pretty things.  I like being outside, and I think that using a self propelled push mower is cheating!

I like cats better than I like dogs, and I have two of each.  I live in a tiny, and I mean tiny, town in southeast Colorado.  We have a population of 125.  When I was young, I declared I would never live here.  And yet, not only do we live here now, but we are also a part of the community. 

I love my small town now.  It is great to be able to let my son ride his bicycle up and down my alley and not have to worry about him.  We know just about everyone in town, by their first name.  When I popped the hood on my car to check the oil, my neighbor stopped by to see if I was having car trouble.  Yes, it feels good to be in a "safe" little town.

Below are some pictures of what you might see, should you happen to wander down Main St.

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  1. I like your window picture. Abandoned houses...I always find them pretty romantic. When I was a kid there was this abandoned house down the road. It was called the "Slaughter" house. (Okay, that DOESN'T sound romantic). However, I thought I could run away and live there. I was going to drink water from the windmill, and sleep in the bedroom upstairs which had these cool slanted ceilings. However, my parents were way to nice...and I couldn't bring myself to go hang out with the cows and drink from the windmill. ;-)