Friday, February 11, 2011

White on White

More snow!  I find that it can be difficult to expose properly in the snow, especially when it is white on white.  I plopped an egg down in the snow to play.  While I am not certain that the egg enjoyed itself, I had fun and learned a bit.

 My friend and I have been talking about how fun it would be to go shoot in the snow.  We have been waiting all winter for snow, and not only that, but snow that is not horizontal.  Usually if and when it snows here in SE Colorado, there is a lot of wind involved.  Anyway, she had a snow day on Tuesday, and as luck would have it... it wasn't too bad outside.  So we put a pot of coffee on to warm us when we were done outside, dragged my flash outside, and had some fun!


  1. I admire your commitment to keep working on your skills with the camera. I get so confused with all the settings and end up getting impatient, and never think to set aside time to just play around with the camera...seems too much like work to me I guess lol. I love the egg picture by the way :)

  2. I was considering doing a set with an egg, but not sure why. Eggs aren't really that interesting!